Are you a parent thinking about taking your child to an Urgent Care Center? Here is what you need to know

Parents who take their children to a pediatrician will appreciate the years of training and expertise that make pediatric doctors different than family practice doctors, internal medicine specialists (adult doctors), and emergency medicine doctors, who may have zero or limited training in treating children.  It follows naturally that when that pediatric office is closed for the night or a holiday, or when the child needs immediate care, or if they have an acute injury and are referred to Urgent Care, that parent will take the child to an Urgent Care Center with similar pediatric expertise. Pediatric Urgent Care is the obvious choice.

“Care for an illness, injury or condition serious enough that a reasonable person would seek care right away, but not so severe it requires emergency room care”

“Urgent Care is the middle ground between your primary care provider and the Emergency Department. If you have a minor illness or injury that can’t wait until tomorrow, Urgent Care is the way to go.”

What does Urgent Care mean?

Urgent Care medicine is a relatively new, and very popular segment of the healthcare system. Urgent Care clinics will offer convenience through longer hours than the primary care office, accept walk-ins, and offering services such as XRay, while having shorter wait-times and lower cost than the Emergency Department.

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